My favourite haircare tips and tricks

Hellooo everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful xmas and a great start to the new year. Wow, I cant believe we are in 2017 i really dont know where the last year has gone!

January is always a good time I feel for a new style, whether that be a new wardrobe or in my case wanting a new hairstyle. This week inthought I would share with you this month little tips and tricks for better hair which i have been using lately. Some of the tips are things that I always used to do, but sometimes when life gets busy my hair is usually the first thing that I start to neglect.

After getting my hair chopped considerably shorter in october im now ready to go back to longer locks. I really miss having long hair; its used to be very low maintenance! Most days I could get away with just leaving it as it is in the morning, something ive found I cant do with shorter hair. So ive decided to back to long waves (this time I wont be straightening as much!) once its gone past shoulder length. What I don’t want to go back to is having limp flat hair with no shine, so ive started doing the following things now so that it grows in a healthy way (im also hoping that using this tips will make it grow faster too, but that might be wishful thinking!

Hair oil

Just a selection of my much loved hair oils

Tip #1 change your shampoo if your current one isnt working well

Shampoo should never leave your scalp or hair greasy or dry. I (for many many years) have used and really like Tigi shampoos but using any shampoo for a considerable amount of time without changing could leave my hair feeling greasy and a bit static after a while. So now and again I really believe in switching shampoos and just trying a new one.  I started  using an Andrew Barton one i had in my bathroom cupboard and my hair now feels back to normal and has a bit more bounce.

Tip #2 change the WAY you wash your hair

I am a firm believer of the double rinse technique. I use a tiny amount of shampoo first to get the dirt/grease out and a second shampoo rinse to actually wash my hair. I feel this works for me for cleaner hair which makes it easier to handle and blowdry. There is a reason why all the top salons use this technique and its because it really does work to make hair feel like its just had a salon treatment!

Tip #3 If you suffer from frizzy or dry / course hair as i do, use extra conditioner

I now use double the amount of conditioner on the tips and length of my hair, and since doing this my hair has been far less frizzy. I don’t know about you guys but my shampoo always seems to finish a lot quicker than my conditioner, and therefore I just started using more conditioner. Since i’ve done this my hair tips are shinier and more manageable. I wouldn’t consider using more at the roots though as i would probably get oily hair.  I’ve also been using a hair reconstructor called aphogee 2 minute reconstructor which works wonders! I read up on effective reconstructors and found this had really good reviews so decided to try it, and so far so good. This conditioner is often used on ethnic hair to tame hair thats thick, frizzy or course.It is made up of Keratin and seems to really work to mend and make hair feel stronger.   I try to leave my conditioner in for a bit longer on occasions (when I can!) but this doesnt always work out with a toddler in the house!

Tip #4 ive always said it and ill say it again – oil oil oil!!

Use oil overnight, or for 1 hr if that’s all you can spare! I use castor oil, coconut oil and amla oil. I have plenty of oils at home for hair, argan oil is another favorite. I also use Loreol Elvive Extraordinary Oil in wet and dry hair as it doesnt leave it greasy and helps greatly with split ends. I just LOVE OIL. I can write a post just on  the benefits of oils and in future I will!  Many old wives tales believe that using castor oil make hair grow not only faster but thicker too. Scientifically this has show to be true, with many women now using it to regrow overplucked eyebrows and make eyebrows thicker! I use organic castor oil as a conditioning overnight treatment. 

Tip #5 last but not least try drying your hair with a tshirt instead of a towel

An oldy but a goody,  a close friend of mine has always done this and says her hair is always smoother when dried with a tshirt or an old cotton pillowcase (any similar fabric will do). It works for me and I will carry on using this method.  I am not sure how true this one is and it is considered a myth so i would be really interested to hear if drying with a Tshirt works for you?  and have you noticed any difference!?

So those are the top 5 ways ive been trying to keep my hair healthy which have worked for me so far. As to making it grow any faster only time will tell but ill sure keep you posted!!

I am always interested to hear of any haircare trick and tips to make hair stronger or grow longer so feel free to share and comment.

See u next time xxxoooxxx ❤️

Winter Favourite and Current Fav Brand

I don’t believe in writing about something until I find a product that’s worth shouting about. In my last post I mentioned that ive incorporated a vitamin c serum into my skincare regime, using every morning underneath my usual moisteriser.   I have now used this serum for the past 3 months each morning and I am still so impressed by it.  The serum I have been using is the Balance Active Formula Vitamin C Power serum, pictured here (its a real shame that I didnt take before and after pics of my skin since using it but will remeber to do this for future posts):


Vitamin C Power Serum

What can I say about this amazing serum?, for a start I love the brand. It doesn’t advertise much and doesn’t invest heavily in branding, so your are not paying for basic ingredient (many many – too many to mention brands have products made up of cheap basic ingredients that are proven to work, rename the ingredients and sell them at extremely high prices, what you’re paying for with some brands are not fancy ingredients, but the branding and advertising costs).. rant over, back to Balance Active. This brand seems different in a way that the product range takes ingredients that are proven to work such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and sells them without the extortionate price tag.  The results I have found have been the same if not better. Using Vitamin C each morning has rid me of my usual winter dry flaky skin and replaced it with smoother more clear skin. I have used this for 3 months and will do until it stops working. It has completely faded some old acne scars, and has lightened some discoloration in some areas so that my skin looks a bit more eventoned.  I have seen visible results however this isnt the only reason to use vitamin C. It is a really good antioxidant so that all the toxins and free radicals that the skin is exposed to will have a less of an effect due to vitamin c protecting the skin. The good thing about it as that you could still change your moisteriser as this is only to be worn underneath. I also think the vitamin c in this serum has been stabilised in some way as doesnt seem to ‘go off’ once the bottles been opened.

The serum itself takes around 10 seconds to sink in and doesn’t leave greasy film as i’ve found with some serums, it also hasnt broke me out in spots how some others have. It’s really really good for dark circles but this will only be noticed after around 2 weeks use every day.

I will surely use the other products by this brand especially the moiserisers and will let you know what I think of them.

The Balance Active Formula website can be viewed Here


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Summer months, skincare and decluttering

Hey guys,  so for the last few months i have been up to loads but haven’t managed to blog much. I have recently moved house and before that started decluttering, i recycled, reused or binned much of my belongings from clothes and jewellry to books and furniture, and it felt amazing! I am now a newly converted minimalist and vow never to own that much stuff again. Since the move i am still finding things that i dont use therefore dont need in my life. I really do feel like if you wish to make any kind of change in life you should look at your home first and the things your surrounded by. If you find that most of it is old, not suitable anymore, not used or not liked, its time to get rid or better still give away. 

I have extended my new minimilism to my skincare and makeup products aswell, and i have found that actually using pretty basic products can sometimes be just as good. I have also started using homemade masks which for me have worked amazingly. Throughout summer i have been using on and off a homemade lemon and honey mask. It is made with a few tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with honey (or almond oil) as lemon on its own is too astringent. This mask showe results if used consistently and it definitly not a quick fix, but used once or twice weekly you should be brighter more clarified skin. The mask will also get rid of dark spots.  I have incorporated a vitamin c serum into my skincare regime using it every morning under my usual moisteriser partly bacause i like using lemon which is rich in vitamin c. 

I think homemade skincare products can be better for skin as the ingredients wont cause allergies, and are natural, however must be used consistently to see any kind of results. 

Favourite Primer 

I have only discovered this primer a few weeks ago, and only used it a couple of times but i love it already! Its Rimmel Fix & Perfect which has been in the shops now for quite a while. My favourite primers for my skin type are the non silicon based ones and i have found that there just aren’t that many of these types around. I wanted one that was mattifying and evened skin for a good make up base. I didnt find this one was great at evening out tone (not as good as benefit porefessional) but what i did find with this one was even better… It fixed any makeup i was wearing in place for the whole day! So for those of you that find your concealer or foundation tends to wear off after several hours i would say to give this a try. Its quite inexpensive (£6.99 boots) and is one of rimmels standard products that can be found at nearly every supermarket. I tried this on a bit of a whim but ended up really liking it.

 Other products that i really like at the moment is Carmex lip balm (why did i ever stop using this???) its amazing! And Boots botanics organic balm. This one is rarely in stock at my local boots but is online. Its really good to use as a moisteriser for dry skin and is organic. It contains in very qauntities beeswax, rosehip, almond and olive oil. Boots Botanics Balm

Pure Colour New Look Review

New Look Pure Colour

From my last post I mentioned that I would be reviewing some products that ive liked lately, and how impressive some of the make-up ranges in fashion retail stores are.  I really like some of the products in the New Look Pure Colour range, and will mention the ones I like, however I must say that not all of the products are that great (the pencil eyeshadows look good when tested  but aren’t pigmented enough and especially do not show up much on asian skin tones)…

But.. bits of the range that I found pretty good were the Baked Highligher Powder (the shade above in the pic is Light Pink) and the Matte Lipstick in the shade 84 Apricot.  The lipstick is a really good matte, very pigmented and very similar to Mac Cherish, the staying power is however not as good as Mac and does have to be reapplied every so often.  This is an everyday shade, a matte peachy nude, it applies really well and isn’t drying.

The Baked Highligher comes in 3 shades, the shade that I like is Light Pink but it also comes in Gold and Bronze.. I thought the texture of this powder was amazing for the price especially as most drugstore powders are not baked but just a bit too ‘powdery’ which this one isn’t at all. It does have to be applied quite sparingly otherwise you could end up looking a bit shiny! The light pink colour isn’t really pink but looks translucent once on. Overall this is a really good highlighter and I would definitely recommend!.

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Mac Lady Danger Dupe


Hi Folks!

Its been another few busy months, and once again I haven’t had the chance to blog as much as I wudda liked… But.. I actually have only come across two or three products that I’ve loved since my last post which I will be telling you about in my upcoming posts.

Let me say how impressed I am with Topshop makeup,  in particular their lipsticks. There are a few shades that I really like, but the one in the pic is called Infrared and is a pretty close dupe for Mac Lady Danger. I must admit in the pic it looks coral (camera lighting was playing up as bit!) But.. it is actually a red orange very like Lady Danger. I prefer the Topshop version of this colour because I find some of the darker/deeper colours in the Mac matte range a tad dry, and I found Topshop Infrared  to be a good Matte but without the dryness. Also, the colour stays on for ages even after eating/drinking.

In general, I am finding the your non typical makeup stores such as Next, New Look and Topshop are definitely coming up with makeup ranges that could give bigger brands a run for their money.


Favourite mask of 2015! 

I thought i would share with you over the coming posts some of my favourite products of 2015 that i discovered in the year. My current favourite mask is PURE super grape miracle glow clay mask. I havent used anything from the PURE range before and found it stocked at M&S, although i had read in a beauty article that this is a good clay mask.

Having not used a clay mask for a number of years i didnt know what to expect of this product, but i was pleasently suprised. It dried up within 10 minutes to a hard clay, it has exfoliating beads to slough off all the dead skin whilst you wash it off. Unlike some clay masks this is really effortless to wash off. It leaves skin clearer looking, softer and brighter. The effects of this mask also get better the more you use it. I have been using this twice a week and before nights out as it does give a good glow to skin. My only gripe is that the 50ml mask finishes quite quickly (i get around 10 uses out of 50ml, but you could only use a thin layer to get more) however as its so effective and only £12 i would definatly rebuy this. Overall its the best mask i have used for a while! 

Guinot Skincare Review


Hey Folks!!

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a whole bunch of sample sized Guinot products from a salon that I was registered with.  I went there for a treatment a long time ago, so was very surprised and delighted that I was still on their mailing list.. and that I get to try some products from the french skincare brand Guinot,  I’ve not tried anything from the skincare line before, although I did have a guinot facial years ago with said salon.

I received 3ml sample sizes that lasted around 1 week and I used continually for a week (I personally think that one week is plenty of time to try out any product).

Longue Vie Yeux (lifting eye cream, that treats dark circles, skin sagging and wrinkles)

My favourite of all the products. It faded out dark circles on first use, and is very hydrating for winter months. I’m not sure about the effect it has on wrinkles, but I do think it has a lifting effect from first use.  I will continue to use this eye cream to see if it’s a temporary change in dark circles or if it continues to work long term.

888 Night Cream.  (actually called Creme Riche Vital 888)

After one weeks use, I have noticed a very subtle brightening affect, not sure if it’s the cream or the fact that I’ve just had more sleep this week!  I think this cream probably works after a couple of weeks and is definitely not a quick fix for tired looking skin.

Neck Cream

Again, I’m not sure if this works or not, mostly because I’m not the target group for this product which I suspect it is aimed at over 50’s age group. As I don’t have any skin concerns in this area I haven’t noticed any change.

Gommage Biologique (cream exfoliator, without grains)

I left this on for 10 minutes before washing it off. It goes on very dry and turns to oil as its massaged in. It can be used around the eye area (rare for an exfoliator).  I didn’t notice my skin being any smoother and i’m not sure why this is a popular product in the guinot range.  I will use it a few more times to see if skin is any smoother/brighter, but it wasn’t after one use.

Hydra Tendre wash off cleansing cream

I probably wouldn’t ever spend great deal on a cleanser because I find that they all do pretty much all do the same thing.  It took make-up off and was none drying, however there are many oil cleansers out there that do the same and come with a lower price tag. Personally I like oil cleaners such as Loreal miracle cleansing oil and Liz earle cleanse and polish.

2 Easy steps to concealing dark circles effortlessly

Helloo readers…. Today I am going to share with you an amazingly easy trick that most make up artists use and have done so for a number of years since this product first came on the market.   The product I am talking about is orange coloured corrector. 

Some companies that sell the orange corrector in their make-up range may also call this product orange concealer. I actually prefer the word corrector, as the product is to be worn as the first step on dark circles, before the concealer is applied on top of it. 

The product that I decided to test is the NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the shade Orange. I was excited to find out that NYX products are now sold in most big branch Next stores here in the UK since late 2013.

The orange concealer is the very first product that I am trying from the NYX make up range.  My local Next store is Fosse Park Leicester actually did not have this in stock so I purchased this online, although the range in the store was quite good (there jumbo eye shadow pencils look amazing for the price as well as the lipsticks).


Why do Orange colour correctors work on dark circles?
Colour correctors are used to neutralise the underlying colour that you are trying to ‘correct’. Using colour wheels, Orange is the opposite to blue and purple on the colour wheel, hence why it is a good colour to neutralise blue/purple under eye circles and bruised skin. In order for it to work well, blend the colour corrector and apply a normal concealer on top, however ensure that the concealer is an exact match to your skin tone for best effects.

So onto the result …. and did the orange concealer have an affect on my dark circles??

I’m happy to say that using the orange concealer with normal concealer on top did seem to cover darkness better than concealer alone! Now that I’ve discovered this trick, I would probably always use orange concealer for times where ill be doing makeup for a special occasion. 

I would recommend the NYX orange concealer as its only £6! It blends quite well and doesn’t budge on my skin, most importantly it doesn’t show any orange tinge once my normal concealer is on top.  I really like this concealer and i’m quite impressed, ill definitely be trying other NYX make up products as the quality seems good for the price. 






Looking at the above pictures, the one on the bottom is me without orange concealer and just wearing my normal concealer which is quite a light concealer. The picture on the top is me wearing my usual light concealer with orange concealer underneath it. I could see that the orange concealer did work and made my normal concealer appear a bit better.
I would also add that the orange concealer is very compatible with olive/asian/indian skintones.