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Today saw the eighth annual CEW(UK) Beauty Awards take place in London at the InterContinental on Park Lane. The awards were created to drive business for all brands, and help consumers find the best products in the market, highlighting creativity and innovation in product. All finalists were entered into a draw to win the prize of a £50,000 digital advertising campaign with Global Radio, with the winning entry, St Tropez, being drawn at the event. There was also a Grand Draw in aid of Cancer and Careers and The Eve Appeal. The winners are:Mass Categories:
Best New Bath and Body Product – (Mass): Dr. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil
Best New Haircare/Styling/Colouring Product  (Mass): Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine
Best New Everyday Facial Skincare Product (Mass): Dr Nick Lowe The Secret Is Out Lift & Repair Night Cream
Best New…

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Smelling like a rose………..

Stella by stella McCartneyAtlas Mountain Rose EDT

Today I made a visit to the Body Shop, and whilst I was there I got a whiff of one of my old time favourite fragrance, White Musk.  This smell always reminds me of the time I was at school, It was the very first perfume that I ever owned and since then I have always been into musky smells.   Over the years my taste in fragrances has changed somewhat, but not very.  I still love musky scents, but now I prefer them to be subtle, more floral/musky/woody.  My favourite perfumes pretty much follow this theme, they all have the same notes, white flower or rose or jasmine, amber, musk …. Some of my favourites are White Musk, Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli, Stella by Stella McCartney, and recently Atlas Mountain Rose by Body Shop.  I really like the smell of Atlas Mountain at the moment, its a very obvious rose smell, and it does remind me a lot of Stella.  It’s a warm spicy rose smell, and it smells very Moroccan.  In fact, this perfume used to be called Moroccan Rose when it was launched in 2009, but Body Shop have since renamed it and it smells a bit different.   Another Body Shop perfume that I used to love is Tobacco Flower, which was discontinued.  


As a perfume note or ingredient, I seem to also have a thing for Jasmine.  I’ve accumulated many perfumes over the years, some of these actually smell similar to one another and it’s because they all contain a top note of Jasmine. Some of these are Jasmine and Neroli (body shop), Cerruti 1881, and Diesal Fuel for Life, Lacoste Pour Femme.  Most of the ones I like have a base note of Musk. 


I think most people will probably find that they go for a particular note or ingredient, and tend to like scents that contain that ingredient. I would say mine is definitely musk!.  


The hubbies favourite perfume is L’Eau D’Issey Issey Miyake, this is a shame, as I refuse to wear this no matter how much he likes the smell. The first note of this is Melon, followed by lotus and freesia.  It’s described as a floral aquatic? whatever that means! All I know is that for me, it’s one of the worst perfumes I have smelt on myself.  It may smell wonderful on others,  but it doesn’t on me.  It reminds me a bit of Pleasure (EL), a very vibrant smell of freshly cut grass, but on me it doesn’t smell so fresh, it just smells cheap,  and almost of something I would clean my sink with!.  I couldn’t wear the Issey Miyake my husband bought me a while a go, I think a fragrance smells best when it reflects your own personality, even if I do insist on him wearing Davidoff Cool Waters.

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Favourite Avon Products

avon supershock gel eyeliner pencilavon advanced techniques moroccan argan oil shampooavon supershock gel eyeliner pencil

Hello there peeps!!!!

Avon has to be one brand that produces some of my favourite products. I recently just realised that I was running low on my all time favourite shampoo and one that I always end up going back to. Now this shampoo is relatively new and was launched by Avon not so long ago. It is from the advances techniques range and is called Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo. I buy this in bulk when It’s on offer and ridiculously cheap. (I have even got this for £1.60 for 400ml!!). 400 ml bottles last me ages, especially because with this shampoo you only need the tiniest amount, and it foams up really well. This shampoo is the best for curly, frizzy and coarse hair. It leaves my hair clean for days, super soft with no frizz, actually, since using this I no longer need my straighteners!. In this range, I use the Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, and also the leave in treatment oil. The treatment oil is brilliant for dry hair and despite being an oil, absorbs into my hair without any grease whatsoever. I would highly recommend these products because I love them so much and im sure others will too.

The next product I will mention is a product I am new to. This has been sold by Avon for a while but it’s the first time I’m discovering it. I came across this product whilst having a conversation about eyeliner with a close friend. My friend Shilpa Vekaria who I’ve known since my uni days also mentioned her love for Avon and that she uses this product. I thought I would try it out and found Avon Supershock Gel Eyeline is AMAZING!! I absolutely have fallen in love with this eyeliner!!!. It is called a gel but actually goes on like any other normal pencil eyeliner. The best thing about it is that it’s the ‘blackest’ black eyeliner I have ever come across, and it does not budge!. I have tried removing this off my hand.. with wipes.. and it is hard!. It stays put to the very end of the day. This eyeliner comes in Black, a light pink, khaki, Steel, Blue and silver. I was actually after a light pink eyeliner to use on my waterline, and I bought this one. I could compare it to Benefit Eye Bright pencil. It’s a pinky white colour that will make your eyes POP and look bigger. This is the perfect dupe for Benefit Eye bright. It can also be used anywhere that you would use a highlighter such as below eyebrows on the brow bone. The supershock pencil is normally £6 but is regularly on half price for £3. The Avon website will even find your closest representative for you.

Perfume Dupes Part 2!

autograph white wood

autograph white wood

m&s bohemia

m&s bohemia

Here are some more dupes for you that I recently discovered!  I will keep posting on perfume dupes as I have a bit of an obsession for perfumes and always come accross ones that smell similar.

Marks and Spencer Bohemia – smells very much like Hugo Boss Women, fresh fruity but very sophisticated. (a new personal favourite)

Autograph White Wood – also very comparable to Hugo Boss Women. (a bit ‘woodier’)

Autograph New York – some compare this to various Chanel perfumes however I have to disagree on this one. To me this doesn’t smell of anything familar and has a quite unique fragrance of its own.

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Farrah Tells….. Q&A

I have been thinking of doing a Q & A section for my blog for a while so I thought I would make a start this week. Reading other beauty blogs is something I enjoy doing when I have a spare moment or two; I particularly find it interesting reading about other products that beauty bloggers rate, especially as they’ve probably tried a fair few!.

One such blogger is Farrah Gray, author of the blog Farrah Tells….It Like It is.  Farrah has been blogging for a while and is a former MUA. So naturally, she would have come accross a range of products in her time and has developed blogging expertise.  I have personally followed her blog and always found it insightful.

In the Q&A, she gives her advise on successful blogging, and some of her favourite products.

Q:  What are your 3 dessert island skincare products that you would not be without?


1. Sarah chapman cleanser 

2. A stash of flannels or sarah chapman ‘s cleansing mitts.

3. P50 exfoliating toner
Q: Same for make-up?
1. Tinted moisturiser with SPF (liz earle’s skin tint or chantecaille’s tinted moisturiser)
2. Blusher (either a nars multiple or Face Stockholm cream blusher)
3. Moisturising lip tint (carmex moisture plus in pink)
Q. How do you find new topics to blog about and how do you motivate yourself?
A: Gosh, this is a hard question. Finding a topic is easy, I have a book full of topics/subjects, it’s finding the time to do it frequently. If I was good at photography, I would blog way more than I do, I just find that part of blogging the hardest. Also, because I’m so eager to try products, by the time I’m ready to blog about them, they look so abused! Haha
As I work in the industry, I always have products to review and talk about but I mainly write about brands, products and treatments that actually work and I recommend.
Q: Which female celebrity fashion style inspires you the most?
A:  Hmmm, I don’t have one. I’m inspired by girls all around me, could be fellow bloggers, strangers in the street, friends, my sisters. 
Q:Pick one celebrity who does make-up well?
A: Gisele, she always has glowing skin which still shows her freckles – I love that. I hate to see caked on make up. 
Q: How did you get started in makeup artistry and PR?
A: I started working for Calvin Klein cosmetics on a make up counter when the brand first came to the uk and from there I worked for space.nk, Nars and jumped into freelance work. After working for years as a freelancer, I was ready for a new challenge and went to uni to do a pr degree.
Q: What would be your ultimate skin tip for women?
A: Make sure you wash every last trace of make up off- Double cleanse!
Q: What is the number one makeup mistake women make?
A:  I could give you so many examples here, but to give you one I would say wearing the wrong colour foundation. When being colour matched in store, go out the store into the daylight and check it is a match, lighting in department stores isn’t the best.
 If you’re really struggling for a match, mix two colours and create your own custom colour.
Q: Favourite skincare brands and why?
A:  Revive for it’s eye renewal cream, such an expensive brand but brilliant long term results.
Bioeffect for it’s serum, one of my fave products of all time. It’s pricey so can’t buy it all the time, due a replen so must start saving.   P50 exfoliating toner, my mother got me into this product, she’s been using it for years and I have recently started using it. My mother has great skin and has hardly ages thanks to this product.
 Sarah chapman for her affordable yet brilliant cleanser.
Q: You have been blogging for a while, what were the first few lessons you learnt to be a successful blogger?
A: Network! Network! network! Use twitter, instagram etc, go to blogger meets. Comment on bloggers posts. Blog frequently. Be genuine.
So there you have it, I must say i have read very good reviews of bioeffect myself and may have to try it out! I also must start saving!.
Below is the link to Farrahs blog here on WordPress….
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Vitamin E Face Oil

superdrug vitamin e skin oil

A quick Friday night post…. 

Lately I have returned to using my face oils as a night time moisturiser mainly because my face has been feeling a bit dry.  Its probably due to the windy, dry weather we are having here in the UK. Despite being the beginning of spring, it is still snowing in places, it is cold, wet, windy and just a bit miserable.

The face oil that I have been is Superdrug Vitamin E Face oil. I only recommend products on this blog that have delivered results for the purpose I’m using them.  This face oil has taken away any feeling of dryness that I had first thing in the morning. My face feels well moisturised when using this oil. It seems to lessen the look of dark circles (although I’m not sure how long this will last), and skin looks and feels softer.  

This is the first vitamin E product that I have ever used and it has been quite impressive.  After using this, I would like to try other vitamin E products and I have heard that Body Shop do a good range too, as well as Boots.

This oil is 30ml, will probably last a couple of weeks with continuous use and is £2.99 from Superdrug.