My favourite skin hair and makeup tips

A few years ago I enrolled on a make-up course where I picked up the following tips:

Smooth makeup always starts with soft skin. Keep skin makeup ready by using a cleanser and muslin cloth instead of a face wash. This method of cleansing keeps skin exfoliated everyday as the muslin cloths clears deadskin, and cream cleanser doesnt dry out skin and disrupt the PH level of the skin.

If you have uneven skin tone and want a quick fix without using makeup; or if you are not planning on wearing make up but are popping out of the house and would like to look a bit more awake, use a good CC cream or skin tone perfector cream.

Use a good base/skin perfector when going to parties- or anywhere where you will be snapped! There are loads of products that claim to make skin clearer such as Smashbox Photofinish, Mac Spotlight, but my favourite is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It really does work in pictures.

If theres one skin care product to invest in, I think the most important is a good night cream. Secondly go for a good day cream which has an SPF of at least 15, and added anti-oxidants. Boots time delay do some really good ones for the price.

When choosing a concealer, many makeup artists suggest going for one shade lighter than your actual skin colour. I would disagree here and would say you need to get an exact match. No lighter or darker than your skin colour, try to find one that matches completely (well as close as you can get). One way of testing this is to apply to skin and wait a few seconds, once it has sunk in or dried a little it should not be too different to your skin colour. Then it can just be blended in on the edges.

A top makeup artist tip when applying eye liner is to always line the inner rim of the top eye lid. This makes eyes stand out more and makes lashes look thicker also. If you have dark circles or small eyes, do not line the bottom eyelid as this will just make eyes look smaller and make dark circles more noticable.


If you’re like me and use a dryer everytime you wash, invest in a good hairdryer. For me, a good hairdryer is one that is ionic. These keep hair frizz-free and in better condition that normal hairdryers. Also go for one that dries in the fastest time to limit hair damage.

If your hair needs washing and you will be tying it up, apply a bit of oil on the ends. Good ones to use are coconut, argan or almond, But almost any oil applied will stop split ends from forming allowing hair to grow longer quicker, and look healthier. No one would notice you have oil in your hair if its ties up and applied to ends only!.

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May Challenge!!

001I have accumulated many products over the years, some of which I found are still lying around in my draws years later. So this week, I set myself the challenge of binning, passing on, or using all of my half full products. Sifting through them, I came across my Elemis TriEnzyme face wash which I bought around 6 years ago!! (no joke).. Of course, any active ingredient in this died a death a long time ago. However I didn’t throw this one away, and as I’ve just finished my face wash thought I would attempt to finish this.
So when I first bought this I didn’t think it was anything too special. It claims to clear up spots and blemishes, and at the time I bought this I was suffering from a bit of acne and acne scarring. It is also supposed to clear skin of dead skin cells and even skin tone. I used this a couple of times before it started making me come out in spots, caused really dry flaky skin and was a bit harsh. It went to the back of my draw to sit there with other stuff I was disappointed with.

Now 6 years down the line.. ive been using this now for 1 week, and it is not having the same reaction on my skin how it did previously. No spots so far, and if anything, it is leaving my skin more clearer looking from the first time I used it. Make up goes on a lot easier, and for those who wear make up on most days, this will probably cut down the need of wearing so much as it does make the skin look a lot clearer within days. I’m actually having trouble believing this is the same product that I thought was useless…

The only downside to using this now is that it still has a bit of a drying affect (as its taking off dead skin every time you use it) and for that reason I don’t use this twice a day, but prefer to use as a night-time wash only.

This face wash does not get rid of dirt and make up, a separate cleanser should be used to remove dirt, then this is used straight afterwards. It foams up really well.
It also requires you to use sunscreen in the day time when using this.

So I’ve learnt this week that over six years skin changes quite a bit, and product that were not suitable before may show totally different results down the line.
I like this product so much now that I’ll probably continue using it!
I would recommend trying this in a small size first as it can work out expensive buying the normal bottle and it is one of those product which either doesn’t agree with your skin, or you will love it.

Cosmopolitan 4 way nail buffer

cosmopolitan 4 way nail buffercosmopolitan 4 way nail bufferHi! I bought this nail buffer a few month ago on a whim.. I’ve always been very low maintenance when it comes to nails and just wanted a file so that my nails would stop breaking and chipping off. The nail buffer is more than just a buffer, it does 4 jobs in one and is good for those wanting really shiny nails without having to apply anything on them. It’s great for people who are low maintenance and prefer the french manicured look.

The buffer is a square block with 4 sides and each side has a different function. It is really well designed with the description of what each side does written on it. The 4 steps to using this buffer is file, buff, smooth and shine. The shine that it leaves isn’t as good as some more expensive buffers, it lasts a couple of days, but it retails for around £3-£4 so not much to complain about there.. It’s still a good buffer for under £5 and will probably last a while before it will need replacing.

Nude lipsticks for asian skintone

nude lipsticks for asian skintoneI wanted to do a post on nude lipsticks especially suited to asian skintones. I love nude lipsticks, and I find it difficult to pick the right colour because a lot of nude shades make my yellow toned skin colour appear even more washed out. These particular brands and colours work well for me.

Mac – kinda sexy (a light peachy pink shade)

Mac – Cherish (satin) (a very light peachy orange shade)

Mac – Please me (a light pink shade)

Autograph – high definition lipliner in Nude Pink (my favourite liner colour).

Boots natural collection – several nude liner shades in orange/peach shades

Rimmel – Exaggerate Full colour lipliner in eastend snob (a light pink colour)

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Liz Earle Product Review

Liz Earle I first came across Liz Earle as a skincare brand when I found out that my sister uses products in the range. She had been using the moisturiser for a few years and I thought I would give it a try myself. Back then the only place that I could find that sold Liz Earle in my hometown was House of Fraser, but nowadays it is available in John Lewis, QVC shopping and in the Liz Earle store. (also available on to buy on the Liz Earle website).

Over the years I tried most of the products in the range, some I found brilliant and continued to use, others didn’t suit me so much. Here are my thoughts and review for each product.

Cleanse & Polish
The star product of the range, This cream cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which should be rinsed in hot water and used to remove the cleanser. The cleanser removed all traces of dirt and makeup brilliantly, even very stubborn mascara. It has a nice fragrance and smells quite fresh. Once this is rubbed into the skin it emulsifies even more, making dirt and makeup melt off. The muslin cloth that comes with this is off good quality, i’ve had mine for several years and they get softer and softer every time they are washed. I have used other muslin cloths, however they were not half as good as this one. Using the cloth also keeps the skin clear from spots as it also gently exfoliates the skin. Dead skill cells is one of the main causes as spots and acne, therefore the cleanser would suit those wanting clearer and spot free skin. I love this cleanser, and each year it has won awards, which shows how popular it is.

Skin Repair Moisteriser
I’ve done a pros and cons list for this which should sum it up, I’ve used the one for normal skin, and I have used several jars of this over the years.
Pros – nice texture, feels very comforting and smells nice, gets rid of dry patches, skin feels thicker, stronger and firmer. Good ingredients that are natural.

cons – short-lived effects – after using for couple of weeks mY skin got used to the product and I wanted to switch to something else, no spf at all, sometimes too oily and made me come out in spots. Better for dry skin, maybe I should have used the light version.

Daily Eye Repair
One of my fav products in the range, this eye cream really suprised me as I did not think that I would like it as much as I do. It is white in colour and comes in a really good tube with a narrow nozzle. THis is good as it makes it easy to control how much comes out of the tube. You only need a really small amount as it spreads amazingly well and a little goes a long way. Once on, it makes eyes look instantly brighter, this is due to the light reflective particles in the cream. It has a spf of 10, and it is a mineral spf rather than a chemical one. This is great as chemical sunscreens can cause allergies when applied to the eye area, and also, chemical sunscreens are sometimes seen as unsafe and a cause of ageing. It comes in 10ml which is small but fine as a tube will last a couple of months at least.

Eye Bright
use this on cotton wool and apply to eye area for 10-15 mins to refresh tired eyes. It works well, doesnt sting, and I feel that it should be used regularly for any benefit to be gained from this. It lessens the look of dark circles and can be used as a last minute treatment to make eyes look bright and fresh.

Smoothing Line Serum
Another favourite product for me! I use this as a light night moisteriser on some occasions because it works like an overnight mask and good to use the night before a big day to make the whole face look brighter and more radiant. However, it is a night eye cream, I feel that I can’t comment on its effects as an eye serum as I ended up using this on my whole face! I will be using this when I run out of my night cream and will post a review once i’ve used it.

Superskin Concentrate
I used this product and wasnt amazed by it, I think it would be good to use if you have dry skin concerns. It smells nice and is worth a try if you are an oil user, however I found other oils that sank in a lot quicker and where there was a visible difference.

Brightening Treatment Mask and Deep Cleansing Mask
I use both of these and they are good to use before an evening/day out as the effects can be seen instantly. Skin looks clearer and brighter with both of these.