Staying Power: ’90s Supermodels Are (Still) Having a Moment

the older models are still sellin the goods!! good to see we are not a youth obsessed nation after all!!

Style & Design

Nearly 25 years after Christy Turlington Burns became the face of Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance, the 44-year-old mother, model and philanthropist is teaming up with the fashion brand again. Turlington Burns is returning to Calvin Klein this fall as the face of the company’s global advertising campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear.

Turlington Burns is just one of several models who became household names in the 1990s — considered the “Supermodel Era” — and is making a comeback or showing major staying power.

Kristi McCormick, a casting agent and founder of the Matchbook agency, who booked Turlington Burns for the 2012 Donna Karan fragrance campaign, said it all comes down to purchasing power: “I do believe that the women who are shopping and buying are over 30 … and can relate to the iconic models,” she says. “When I see a photo of Christy or Claudia Schiffer, they’re wearing a product or…

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