2 Easy steps to concealing dark circles effortlessly

Helloo readers…. Today I am going to share with you an amazingly easy trick that most make up artists use and have done so for a number of years since this product first came on the market.   The product I am talking about is orange coloured corrector. 

Some companies that sell the orange corrector in their make-up range may also call this product orange concealer. I actually prefer the word corrector, as the product is to be worn as the first step on dark circles, before the concealer is applied on top of it. 

The product that I decided to test is the NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the shade Orange. I was excited to find out that NYX products are now sold in most big branch Next stores here in the UK since late 2013.

The orange concealer is the very first product that I am trying from the NYX make up range.  My local Next store is Fosse Park Leicester actually did not have this in stock so I purchased this online, although the range in the store was quite good (there jumbo eye shadow pencils look amazing for the price as well as the lipsticks).


Why do Orange colour correctors work on dark circles?
Colour correctors are used to neutralise the underlying colour that you are trying to ‘correct’. Using colour wheels, Orange is the opposite to blue and purple on the colour wheel, hence why it is a good colour to neutralise blue/purple under eye circles and bruised skin. In order for it to work well, blend the colour corrector and apply a normal concealer on top, however ensure that the concealer is an exact match to your skin tone for best effects.

So onto the result …. and did the orange concealer have an affect on my dark circles??

I’m happy to say that using the orange concealer with normal concealer on top did seem to cover darkness better than concealer alone! Now that I’ve discovered this trick, I would probably always use orange concealer for times where ill be doing makeup for a special occasion. 

I would recommend the NYX orange concealer as its only ¬£6! It blends quite well and doesn’t budge on my skin, most importantly it doesn’t show any orange tinge once my normal concealer is on top.  I really like this concealer and i’m quite impressed, ill definitely be trying other NYX make up products as the quality seems good for the price. 






Looking at the above pictures, the one on the bottom is me without orange concealer and just wearing my normal concealer which is quite a light concealer. The picture on the top is me wearing my usual light concealer with orange concealer underneath it. I could see that the orange concealer did work and made my normal concealer appear a bit better.
I would also add that the orange concealer is very compatible with olive/asian/indian skintones.