Guinot Skincare Review


Hey Folks!!

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a whole bunch of sample sized Guinot products from a salon that I was registered with.  I went there for a treatment a long time ago, so was very surprised and delighted that I was still on their mailing list.. and that I get to try some products from the french skincare brand Guinot,  I’ve not tried anything from the skincare line before, although I did have a guinot facial years ago with said salon.

I received 3ml sample sizes that lasted around 1 week and I used continually for a week (I personally think that one week is plenty of time to try out any product).

Longue Vie Yeux (lifting eye cream, that treats dark circles, skin sagging and wrinkles)

My favourite of all the products. It faded out dark circles on first use, and is very hydrating for winter months. I’m not sure about the effect it has on wrinkles, but I do think it has a lifting effect from first use.  I will continue to use this eye cream to see if it’s a temporary change in dark circles or if it continues to work long term.

888 Night Cream.  (actually called Creme Riche Vital 888)

After one weeks use, I have noticed a very subtle brightening affect, not sure if it’s the cream or the fact that I’ve just had more sleep this week!  I think this cream probably works after a couple of weeks and is definitely not a quick fix for tired looking skin.

Neck Cream

Again, I’m not sure if this works or not, mostly because I’m not the target group for this product which I suspect it is aimed at over 50’s age group. As I don’t have any skin concerns in this area I haven’t noticed any change.

Gommage Biologique (cream exfoliator, without grains)

I left this on for 10 minutes before washing it off. It goes on very dry and turns to oil as its massaged in. It can be used around the eye area (rare for an exfoliator).  I didn’t notice my skin being any smoother and i’m not sure why this is a popular product in the guinot range.  I will use it a few more times to see if skin is any smoother/brighter, but it wasn’t after one use.

Hydra Tendre wash off cleansing cream

I probably wouldn’t ever spend great deal on a cleanser because I find that they all do pretty much all do the same thing.  It took make-up off and was none drying, however there are many oil cleansers out there that do the same and come with a lower price tag. Personally I like oil cleaners such as Loreal miracle cleansing oil and Liz earle cleanse and polish.