Favourite mask of 2015! 

I thought i would share with you over the coming posts some of my favourite products of 2015 that i discovered in the year. My current favourite mask is PURE super grape miracle glow clay mask. I havent used anything from the PURE range before and found it stocked at M&S, although i had read in a beauty article that this is a good clay mask.

Having not used a clay mask for a number of years i didnt know what to expect of this product, but i was pleasently suprised. It dried up within 10 minutes to a hard clay, it has exfoliating beads to slough off all the dead skin whilst you wash it off. Unlike some clay masks this is really effortless to wash off. It leaves skin clearer looking, softer and brighter. The effects of this mask also get better the more you use it. I have been using this twice a week and before nights out as it does give a good glow to skin. My only gripe is that the 50ml mask finishes quite quickly (i get around 10 uses out of 50ml, but you could only use a thin layer to get more) however as its so effective and only £12 i would definatly rebuy this. Overall its the best mask i have used for a while! 


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