Summer months, skincare and decluttering

Hey guys,  so for the last few months i have been up to loads but haven’t managed to blog much. I have recently moved house and before that started decluttering, i recycled, reused or binned much of my belongings from clothes and jewellry to books and furniture, and it felt amazing! I am now a newly converted minimalist and vow never to own that much stuff again. Since the move i am still finding things that i dont use therefore dont need in my life. I really do feel like if you wish to make any kind of change in life you should look at your home first and the things your surrounded by. If you find that most of it is old, not suitable anymore, not used or not liked, its time to get rid or better still give away. 

I have extended my new minimilism to my skincare and makeup products aswell, and i have found that actually using pretty basic products can sometimes be just as good. I have also started using homemade masks which for me have worked amazingly. Throughout summer i have been using on and off a homemade lemon and honey mask. It is made with a few tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with honey (or almond oil) as lemon on its own is too astringent. This mask showe results if used consistently and it definitly not a quick fix, but used once or twice weekly you should be brighter more clarified skin. The mask will also get rid of dark spots.  I have incorporated a vitamin c serum into my skincare regime using it every morning under my usual moisteriser partly bacause i like using lemon which is rich in vitamin c. 

I think homemade skincare products can be better for skin as the ingredients wont cause allergies, and are natural, however must be used consistently to see any kind of results. 

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