Winter Favourite and Current Fav Brand

I don’t believe in writing about something until I find a product that’s worth shouting about. In my last post I mentioned that ive incorporated a vitamin c serum into my skincare regime, using every morning underneath my usual moisteriser.   I have now used this serum for the past 3 months each morning and I am still so impressed by it.  The serum I have been using is the Balance Active Formula Vitamin C Power serum, pictured here (its a real shame that I didnt take before and after pics of my skin since using it but will remeber to do this for future posts):


Vitamin C Power Serum

What can I say about this amazing serum?, for a start I love the brand. It doesn’t advertise much and doesn’t invest heavily in branding, so your are not paying for basic ingredient (many many – too many to mention brands have products made up of cheap basic ingredients that are proven to work, rename the ingredients and sell them at extremely high prices, what you’re paying for with some brands are not fancy ingredients, but the branding and advertising costs).. rant over, back to Balance Active. This brand seems different in a way that the product range takes ingredients that are proven to work such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and sells them without the extortionate price tag.  The results I have found have been the same if not better. Using Vitamin C each morning has rid me of my usual winter dry flaky skin and replaced it with smoother more clear skin. I have used this for 3 months and will do until it stops working. It has completely faded some old acne scars, and has lightened some discoloration in some areas so that my skin looks a bit more eventoned.  I have seen visible results however this isnt the only reason to use vitamin C. It is a really good antioxidant so that all the toxins and free radicals that the skin is exposed to will have a less of an effect due to vitamin c protecting the skin. The good thing about it as that you could still change your moisteriser as this is only to be worn underneath. I also think the vitamin c in this serum has been stabilised in some way as doesnt seem to ‘go off’ once the bottles been opened.

The serum itself takes around 10 seconds to sink in and doesn’t leave greasy film as i’ve found with some serums, it also hasnt broke me out in spots how some others have. It’s really really good for dark circles but this will only be noticed after around 2 weeks use every day.

I will surely use the other products by this brand especially the moiserisers and will let you know what I think of them.

The Balance Active Formula website can be viewed Here


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