Favourite Primer 

I have only discovered this primer a few weeks ago, and only used it a couple of times but i love it already! Its Rimmel Fix & Perfect which has been in the shops now for quite a while. My favourite primers for my skin type are the non silicon based ones and i have found that there just aren’t that many of these types around. I wanted one that was mattifying and evened skin for a good make up base. I didnt find this one was great at evening out tone (not as good as benefit porefessional) but what i did find with this one was even better… It fixed any makeup i was wearing in place for the whole day! So for those of you that find your concealer or foundation tends to wear off after several hours i would say to give this a try. Its quite inexpensive (£6.99 boots) and is one of rimmels standard products that can be found at nearly every supermarket. I tried this on a bit of a whim but ended up really liking it.

 Other products that i really like at the moment is Carmex lip balm (why did i ever stop using this???) its amazing! And Boots botanics organic balm. This one is rarely in stock at my local boots but is online. Its really good to use as a moisteriser for dry skin and is organic. It contains in very qauntities beeswax, rosehip, almond and olive oil. Boots Botanics Balm


Pure Colour New Look Review

New Look Pure Colour

From my last post I mentioned that I would be reviewing some products that ive liked lately, and how impressive some of the make-up ranges in fashion retail stores are.  I really like some of the products in the New Look Pure Colour range, and will mention the ones I like, however I must say that not all of the products are that great (the pencil eyeshadows look good when tested  but aren’t pigmented enough and especially do not show up much on asian skin tones)…

But.. bits of the range that I found pretty good were the Baked Highligher Powder (the shade above in the pic is Light Pink) and the Matte Lipstick in the shade 84 Apricot.  The lipstick is a really good matte, very pigmented and very similar to Mac Cherish, the staying power is however not as good as Mac and does have to be reapplied every so often.  This is an everyday shade, a matte peachy nude, it applies really well and isn’t drying.

The Baked Highligher comes in 3 shades, the shade that I like is Light Pink but it also comes in Gold and Bronze.. I thought the texture of this powder was amazing for the price especially as most drugstore powders are not baked but just a bit too ‘powdery’ which this one isn’t at all. It does have to be applied quite sparingly otherwise you could end up looking a bit shiny! The light pink colour isn’t really pink but looks translucent once on. Overall this is a really good highlighter and I would definitely recommend!.

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Mac Lady Danger Dupe


Hi Folks!

Its been another few busy months, and once again I haven’t had the chance to blog as much as I wudda liked… But.. I actually have only come across two or three products that I’ve loved since my last post which I will be telling you about in my upcoming posts.

Let me say how impressed I am with Topshop makeup,  in particular their lipsticks. There are a few shades that I really like, but the one in the pic is called Infrared and is a pretty close dupe for Mac Lady Danger. I must admit in the pic it looks coral (camera lighting was playing up as bit!) But.. it is actually a red orange very like Lady Danger. I prefer the Topshop version of this colour because I find some of the darker/deeper colours in the Mac matte range a tad dry, and I found Topshop Infrared  to be a good Matte but without the dryness. Also, the colour stays on for ages even after eating/drinking.

In general, I am finding the your non typical makeup stores such as Next, New Look and Topshop are definitely coming up with makeup ranges that could give bigger brands a run for their money.


2 Easy steps to concealing dark circles effortlessly

Helloo readers…. Today I am going to share with you an amazingly easy trick that most make up artists use and have done so for a number of years since this product first came on the market.   The product I am talking about is orange coloured corrector. 

Some companies that sell the orange corrector in their make-up range may also call this product orange concealer. I actually prefer the word corrector, as the product is to be worn as the first step on dark circles, before the concealer is applied on top of it. 

The product that I decided to test is the NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the shade Orange. I was excited to find out that NYX products are now sold in most big branch Next stores here in the UK since late 2013.

The orange concealer is the very first product that I am trying from the NYX make up range.  My local Next store is Fosse Park Leicester actually did not have this in stock so I purchased this online, although the range in the store was quite good (there jumbo eye shadow pencils look amazing for the price as well as the lipsticks).


Why do Orange colour correctors work on dark circles?
Colour correctors are used to neutralise the underlying colour that you are trying to ‘correct’. Using colour wheels, Orange is the opposite to blue and purple on the colour wheel, hence why it is a good colour to neutralise blue/purple under eye circles and bruised skin. In order for it to work well, blend the colour corrector and apply a normal concealer on top, however ensure that the concealer is an exact match to your skin tone for best effects.

So onto the result …. and did the orange concealer have an affect on my dark circles??

I’m happy to say that using the orange concealer with normal concealer on top did seem to cover darkness better than concealer alone! Now that I’ve discovered this trick, I would probably always use orange concealer for times where ill be doing makeup for a special occasion. 

I would recommend the NYX orange concealer as its only £6! It blends quite well and doesn’t budge on my skin, most importantly it doesn’t show any orange tinge once my normal concealer is on top.  I really like this concealer and i’m quite impressed, ill definitely be trying other NYX make up products as the quality seems good for the price. 






Looking at the above pictures, the one on the bottom is me without orange concealer and just wearing my normal concealer which is quite a light concealer. The picture on the top is me wearing my usual light concealer with orange concealer underneath it. I could see that the orange concealer did work and made my normal concealer appear a bit better.
I would also add that the orange concealer is very compatible with olive/asian/indian skintones.

Summer favourites I ❤


For people who usually stay away from BB creams, I have found the perfect one. I have a few BB creams which I never end up using because I find them too heavy and cakey. I also haven’t found one that gives the right amount of colour for my asian skin tone.

The one that I found that suits my skin is Maybelline dream fresh BB cream. As the name suggests it does leave my face feeling quite fresh as it has a light consistency compared with other BB creams. It sinks in well and blends in with my skin colour, without looking obvious. It’s quite moisterising, I do not need to wear a separate moisteriser underneath which I normally do with BB creams. Another benefit of using this BB cream is that it has a high spf (30), which is a bonus. It means I can wear it with non spf moisterisers or on its own. Overall I have been quite impressed with this one and have been wearing it regularly. This is widely available (bought mine from superdrug) and i think it was around £7-£8.

My favourite moisteriser for the summer (i’m taking a break from my usual Boots time delay as it doesnt have a high SPF) is Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor moisteriser Lotion. I like this one because it sinks in instantly and you don’t have to wait for it to sink in. It moisterises skin extremely well, only a small amount is needed and even dry skins wont need to re-apply. It has a high spf (25) which is my standard minimum for summer months. It smells pleasant although not strong and has a nice looking tube. It comes in 50ml and I would say it lasts ages as i’ve been using mine for the last 3 months and haven’t come to nowhere near the end of the tube. I bought this on sale (it was around £7 in boots, I think normally it is around £11).

My favourite skin hair and makeup tips

A few years ago I enrolled on a make-up course where I picked up the following tips:

Smooth makeup always starts with soft skin. Keep skin makeup ready by using a cleanser and muslin cloth instead of a face wash. This method of cleansing keeps skin exfoliated everyday as the muslin cloths clears deadskin, and cream cleanser doesnt dry out skin and disrupt the PH level of the skin.

If you have uneven skin tone and want a quick fix without using makeup; or if you are not planning on wearing make up but are popping out of the house and would like to look a bit more awake, use a good CC cream or skin tone perfector cream.

Use a good base/skin perfector when going to parties- or anywhere where you will be snapped! There are loads of products that claim to make skin clearer such as Smashbox Photofinish, Mac Spotlight, but my favourite is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It really does work in pictures.

If theres one skin care product to invest in, I think the most important is a good night cream. Secondly go for a good day cream which has an SPF of at least 15, and added anti-oxidants. Boots time delay do some really good ones for the price.

When choosing a concealer, many makeup artists suggest going for one shade lighter than your actual skin colour. I would disagree here and would say you need to get an exact match. No lighter or darker than your skin colour, try to find one that matches completely (well as close as you can get). One way of testing this is to apply to skin and wait a few seconds, once it has sunk in or dried a little it should not be too different to your skin colour. Then it can just be blended in on the edges.

A top makeup artist tip when applying eye liner is to always line the inner rim of the top eye lid. This makes eyes stand out more and makes lashes look thicker also. If you have dark circles or small eyes, do not line the bottom eyelid as this will just make eyes look smaller and make dark circles more noticable.


If you’re like me and use a dryer everytime you wash, invest in a good hairdryer. For me, a good hairdryer is one that is ionic. These keep hair frizz-free and in better condition that normal hairdryers. Also go for one that dries in the fastest time to limit hair damage.

If your hair needs washing and you will be tying it up, apply a bit of oil on the ends. Good ones to use are coconut, argan or almond, But almost any oil applied will stop split ends from forming allowing hair to grow longer quicker, and look healthier. No one would notice you have oil in your hair if its ties up and applied to ends only!.

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Nude lipsticks for asian skintone

nude lipsticks for asian skintoneI wanted to do a post on nude lipsticks especially suited to asian skintones. I love nude lipsticks, and I find it difficult to pick the right colour because a lot of nude shades make my yellow toned skin colour appear even more washed out. These particular brands and colours work well for me.

Mac – kinda sexy (a light peachy pink shade)

Mac – Cherish (satin) (a very light peachy orange shade)

Mac – Please me (a light pink shade)

Autograph – high definition lipliner in Nude Pink (my favourite liner colour).

Boots natural collection – several nude liner shades in orange/peach shades

Rimmel – Exaggerate Full colour lipliner in eastend snob (a light pink colour)

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