Farrah Tells….. Q&A

I have been thinking of doing a Q & A section for my blog for a while so I thought I would make a start this week. Reading other beauty blogs is something I enjoy doing when I have a spare moment or two; I particularly find it interesting reading about other products that beauty bloggers rate, especially as they’ve probably tried a fair few!.

One such blogger is Farrah Gray, author of the blog Farrah Tells….It Like It is.  Farrah has been blogging for a while and is a former MUA. So naturally, she would have come accross a range of products in her time and has developed blogging expertise.  I have personally followed her blog and always found it insightful.

In the Q&A, she gives her advise on successful blogging, and some of her favourite products.

Q:  What are your 3 dessert island skincare products that you would not be without?


1. Sarah chapman cleanser 

2. A stash of flannels or sarah chapman ‘s cleansing mitts.

3. P50 exfoliating toner
Q: Same for make-up?
1. Tinted moisturiser with SPF (liz earle’s skin tint or chantecaille’s tinted moisturiser)
2. Blusher (either a nars multiple or Face Stockholm cream blusher)
3. Moisturising lip tint (carmex moisture plus in pink)
Q. How do you find new topics to blog about and how do you motivate yourself?
A: Gosh, this is a hard question. Finding a topic is easy, I have a book full of topics/subjects, it’s finding the time to do it frequently. If I was good at photography, I would blog way more than I do, I just find that part of blogging the hardest. Also, because I’m so eager to try products, by the time I’m ready to blog about them, they look so abused! Haha
As I work in the industry, I always have products to review and talk about but I mainly write about brands, products and treatments that actually work and I recommend.
Q: Which female celebrity fashion style inspires you the most?
A:  Hmmm, I don’t have one. I’m inspired by girls all around me, could be fellow bloggers, strangers in the street, friends, my sisters. 
Q:Pick one celebrity who does make-up well?
A: Gisele, she always has glowing skin which still shows her freckles – I love that. I hate to see caked on make up. 
Q: How did you get started in makeup artistry and PR?
A: I started working for Calvin Klein cosmetics on a make up counter when the brand first came to the uk and from there I worked for space.nk, Nars and jumped into freelance work. After working for years as a freelancer, I was ready for a new challenge and went to uni to do a pr degree.
Q: What would be your ultimate skin tip for women?
A: Make sure you wash every last trace of make up off- Double cleanse!
Q: What is the number one makeup mistake women make?
A:  I could give you so many examples here, but to give you one I would say wearing the wrong colour foundation. When being colour matched in store, go out the store into the daylight and check it is a match, lighting in department stores isn’t the best.
 If you’re really struggling for a match, mix two colours and create your own custom colour.
Q: Favourite skincare brands and why?
A:  Revive for it’s eye renewal cream, such an expensive brand but brilliant long term results.
Bioeffect for it’s serum, one of my fave products of all time. It’s pricey so can’t buy it all the time, due a replen so must start saving.   P50 exfoliating toner, my mother got me into this product, she’s been using it for years and I have recently started using it. My mother has great skin and has hardly ages thanks to this product.
 Sarah chapman for her affordable yet brilliant cleanser.
Q: You have been blogging for a while, what were the first few lessons you learnt to be a successful blogger?
A: Network! Network! network! Use twitter, instagram etc, go to blogger meets. Comment on bloggers posts. Blog frequently. Be genuine.
So there you have it, I must say i have read very good reviews of bioeffect myself and may have to try it out!..so I also must start saving!.
Below is the link to Farrahs blog here on WordPress….
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Say goodbye to winter skin…..

Botanics Super Balm

Botanics Super Balm

Hey everyone, its me again.. I thought today I would do a post on a product I came across about a year ago and is a bit of a winter skinsaver. 

I love applying Vaseline last thing at night to my face, mainly as I do get dry patches. Now I know very well how unatural it is to do this.. someone once said that it is like putting petrol on my face!!, therefore I wanted something with the same consistency but more natural. I also wanted a product that sunk in quicker and wasn’t as greasy as Vaseline.

Enter.. Boots Botanics Super Balm.   

This product used to be sold as ‘organic’, but someone somewhere discovered that It wasn’t actually 100% natural and therefore it was re-packaged as 93% organic. For me, this is fine as it is quite unreasonable to expect a product that costs under £5 to be 100% organic considering how much it costs to source naturally derived ingredients.

Anyways, onto the review.  This product is raved about and scored very highly on Makeup Alley skincare reviews. I would say after trying it for a year that it’s one that I always have in my draw.  It gets rid of parched dry skin instantaneously and the results can be seen when used as a night cream. I would not use this in the day as it is greasy, so be warned.

It smells very ‘natural’ and contains the following ingredients: shea butter, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil canina seed oil. check out the makeup alley review here: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/itemid=122582


It costs around £3.99 and is only available from Boots.  The last few times I have tried to buy this it has not been in stock, which shows its popularity!.  Other balms I have used are Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream and Balm Balm organic skin balm. I must say I prefer Botanics to both of these. However it is only an 11ml pot which is tiny, but lasts a while as you only need the tiniest amount. Its also great for carrying around 🙂

Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Prevention Day Cream


Hey everyone, my post today features my favourite day moisturiser, the one that I have been using since it was announced ‘best steal’ day moisturiser in the 21st Beauty Bible in 2006. 

Now I’m not overly loyal when it comes to products, and do believe in switching products, but here is one that Ive yet to deviate from.

Some of the numerous reasons it was voted best moisturiser is because it is full of antioxidants, some of which are only found in quite high end moisturisers. Boots claim that it ‘boosts skin radiance’ which I have found to be true. The best thing about this moisturiser is that it does keep skin exfoliated and radiant probably due to its ingredient retinyl, a form of vitamin A.

It is SPF 15, it was SPF 8 in its original formula, which in my view was a downside however they seemed to have increased the SPF over the years.  The cream itself is not too thick and not too runny. Its a good consistency and sinks in quite quickly on my skin. It has a nice fragrance which reminds me of sweets. Its a fruity/sweet kind of smell almost sherbet.

Despite the cream being an oldie, it is still written about which shows its continuing popularity. The Daily mail newspaper listed it under its article on best affordable skincare, it came in best for sun protection. The sun newspaper also gave it a mention in its article on the 5 ingredients that will change your skin forever.

Its usual price is around £11, and I tend to stock up on this when Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on or when its discounted. As I use the eye cream as well, it works out better to do this.

All in all it is very easy to continue using this moisturiser as it contains the main things required in any good anti-aging cream. A good level of SPF and antioxidants. Its also very affordable which makes repeat purchasing easy. Especially when you go through as many jars as I do!


My must have products!!


Ok, so this is not so much a review but more of a list of products that I swear by….

I seem to have accumulated and tried my different cosmetics over the years,  so I felt now was the right time to pick some of my favourites. These are the ones I would always go back to.

So here are my favs and the reason why I love them so much…..

Favourite Radiance booster/Primer: so far, it has to be Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. A best selling, award winning radiance booster from Clarins. Retails for around £24 in UK cosmetic counters, Boots and Superdrug.  I must also mention here that I have managed to find a pretty good dupe for the beauty flash balm, in the form of Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster.. which is around £6-£7.  (More on Boots Time Delay in later reviews).

I use this as a primer and prefer it to Smashbox Photofinish, Mac Strobe Cream and Estee Lauder Spotlight.  In my view it delivers more noticeable results and has a nicer texture. I find Smashbox products a bit on the greasy side.

The reason I love this product is because it really is a multi-tasking product. It makes a brilliant primer base for make up, it is quite moisturising and has good glow factor.  It has a salmon colour, but will look clear once it has been applied. This is a great plus point as far as I’m concerned, because the salmon colour works on the skin as a colour corrector. The colour counteracts any dullishness you may have going on, it seems to also counteract yellow tones and redness, which is especially more noticeable in pictures!. I would recommend wearing this one on days when you will be photographed!.


Best Foundation:  Bare Minerals I.D.  The range is now on the shelves at Debenhams and some Boots, and is widely available at online retailers. Anyone who has used this will know why it is a favourite. It has good coverage and feels very light on the skin. Almost feels like you have nothing on!.

The colours range is fair, medium, medium beige or dark.  You do not have to be very precise with the colour, picking the one you think is the closest match will work as they are all highly blendable. The finish is good and very long lasting.


Best mascara for under £10:  My favourite in this category is Maybelline Great Lash and Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. Reasons why? not clumpy, lasts all day, never found bits of mascara on cheek!, comes off fairly easily with cleanser, not runny despite not being waterproof.

Favourite blush: I have many great blushers and find that most on the market are quite good. However, one that I thought especially note worthy, mainly because of the price and quality is Lacura Powder Blush. There are only a couple of colours in the range, I use sunset which is a peach tone and will work will with most skin tones. (I have asian skin and it works well). It is around £2 from Aldi stores. 

Favourite liquid liner:  For me, a black liquid liner must be highly pigmented and not budge of out of place. This favourite does both: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. It retails for around £8 in most boots/superdrug stores. I have tried many, and found most are not dark enough, leave gaps in the line, do not go on well or just come off too quickly.

Best concealer under £10:  Now, concealers are tricky business. Most people tend to stick with the same concealer once they find the ideal colour match.  Colour is definitely the number one deciding factor when it comes to concealers.  But we all know texture and staying power can be equally as important. My current favourite is Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Concealer. I wear it in shade medium beige (I am NC40 skin tone). This one is good for wheatish indian skin tones. It is a yellow base concealer, which does not budge until you wash it off.  I am on my 5th tube of this after using Mac, My Face (discontinued at Boots) and Physicians Formula Double Ended Concealer (not available in UK).

Favourite Nude Lipliner: I have not found better than Marks and Spencer Autograph Nude Pink Lipliner and Rimmel Eastend Snob. Favourite nudes generally?  I would have to say Revlon and Mac especially Mac in shade Velvet Teddy. (Revlon do many nude Mac dupes!!)

So there you have it, my current favourites. 

I have found that all makeup brands have a line of product which they make particularly well, such as:

Maybelline: love their mascaras, eye liners, concealer. Good staying power, no clumps.

Bourjois: Best textures and colours for neutral coloured make up. Especially eye liners if you like golden/olive/khaki/metal/grey colours as an alternative to black. Powders in the range do not look chalky, have an expensive looking sheen, good texture and highly pigmented. 

Revlon: I wear a lot of nudes as mentioned earlier and I find Revlon do good nude lipsticks.

Mac: good for products such as skinfinish.Good lipsticks.

Marks and Spencer Per Una do good eye shadows, as do Autograph. Very good neutral colour palettes, as well as deeper shades.

Asda’s own brand mascara V’s one that used from Loreal:  The Asda mascara came out on top as less clumpy! So it goes to show, cheaper products do not mean lower quality some of the time!.

Rimmel: Really good nude lip liners colours. I also think they do well in concealers although one of the best concealers is now discontinued!

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my HD BROW treatment..


HD Brows have been around for a while, for those of you new to HD brows, this is what the treatment consists of… HD brows in a multiple step process of brow shaping and defining that is done by threading, tinting, plucking and waxing, in order to create the most ideal shaped brows to compliment ones face.


I had my first treatment today at a local skin clinic.  I found my local HD brow specialist by firstly checking the HD BROWS website. 


So before my appointment, I was required to do a skin patch test to ensure that I was not allergic to the dye that will be used.  This was an over the counter test for which an appointment was nor required.

On the actual day of the treatment,  I was a bit anxious about the dye being too dark and the possibility of walking out looking as if I had a Caterpillar sitting on my eyebrows… however as my treatment began I felt more at ease.  My therapist briefly talked me through the process and began by dying my brows.  The dye does actually tint the skin too, ensuring that any gaps in the eyebrows appear ‘filled’.

The dye was on for 10 minutes, and once removed my brows were waxed from above and below, with any stray hairs plucked. 

All in all, the waxing took the longest amount of time (around 20 minutes), and the application was very precise. 

At the end of the treatment, I was quite happy with the result, but do decide for yourself by checking out my before and after pics (the pics on the left are the HD brows, the one on the right is my ‘before’ pic..  I liked the fact that my brows looked darker, more defined  and arched.  My brows now framed my face better than they used to, and gave my overall eye area more definition.  Overall, I would recommend the treatment if you are concerned with the shape of your eye brows, and like me,  cant seem to change the shape on your own by growing, filling etc..

The HD Brow treatment cost £25, but this is not a standard price, and prices for HD brows do tend to vary, many salons who are just starting out in HD brows will also offer introductory offers.