Smelling like a rose………..

Stella by stella McCartneyAtlas Mountain Rose EDT

Today I made a visit to the Body Shop, and whilst I was there I got a whiff of one of my old time favourite fragrance, White Musk.  This smell always reminds me of the time I was at school, It was the very first perfume that I ever owned and since then I have always been into musky smells.   Over the years my taste in fragrances has changed somewhat, but not very.  I still love musky scents, but now I prefer them to be subtle, more floral/musky/woody.  My favourite perfumes pretty much follow this theme, they all have the same notes, white flower or rose or jasmine, amber, musk …. Some of my favourites are White Musk, Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli, Stella by Stella McCartney, and recently Atlas Mountain Rose by Body Shop.  I really like the smell of Atlas Mountain at the moment, its a very obvious rose smell, and it does remind me a lot of Stella.  It’s a warm spicy rose smell, and it smells very Moroccan.  In fact, this perfume used to be called Moroccan Rose when it was launched in 2009, but Body Shop have since renamed it and it smells a bit different.   Another Body Shop perfume that I used to love is Tobacco Flower, which was discontinued.  


As a perfume note or ingredient, I seem to also have a thing for Jasmine.  I’ve accumulated many perfumes over the years, some of these actually smell similar to one another and it’s because they all contain a top note of Jasmine. Some of these are Jasmine and Neroli (body shop), Cerruti 1881, and Diesal Fuel for Life, Lacoste Pour Femme.  Most of the ones I like have a base note of Musk. 


I think most people will probably find that they go for a particular note or ingredient, and tend to like scents that contain that ingredient. I would say mine is definitely musk!.  


The hubbies favourite perfume is L’Eau D’Issey Issey Miyake, this is a shame, as I refuse to wear this no matter how much he likes the smell. The first note of this is Melon, followed by lotus and freesia.  It’s described as a floral aquatic? whatever that means! All I know is that for me, it’s one of the worst perfumes I have smelt on myself.  It may smell wonderful on others,  but it doesn’t on me.  It reminds me a bit of Pleasure (EL), a very vibrant smell of freshly cut grass, but on me it doesn’t smell so fresh, it just smells cheap,  and almost of something I would clean my sink with!.  I couldn’t wear the Issey Miyake my husband bought me a while a go, I think a fragrance smells best when it reflects your own personality, even if I do insist on him wearing Davidoff Cool Waters.

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