Cosmopolitan 4 way nail buffer

cosmopolitan 4 way nail buffercosmopolitan 4 way nail bufferHi! I bought this nail buffer a few month ago on a whim.. I’ve always been very low maintenance when it comes to nails and just wanted a file so that my nails would stop breaking and chipping off. The nail buffer is more than just a buffer, it does 4 jobs in one and is good for those wanting really shiny nails without having to apply anything on them. It’s great for people who are low maintenance and prefer the french manicured look.

The buffer is a square block with 4 sides and each side has a different function. It is really well designed with the description of what each side does written on it. The 4 steps to using this buffer is file, buff, smooth and shine. The shine that it leaves isn’t as good as some more expensive buffers, it lasts a couple of days, but it retails for around £3-£4 so not much to complain about there.. It’s still a good buffer for under £5 and will probably last a while before it will need replacing.