May Challenge!!

001I have accumulated many products over the years, some of which I found are still lying around in my draws years later. So this week, I set myself the challenge of binning, passing on, or using all of my half full products. Sifting through them, I came across my Elemis TriEnzyme face wash which I bought around 6 years ago!! (no joke).. Of course, any active ingredient in this died a death a long time ago. However I didn’t throw this one away, and as I’ve just finished my face wash thought I would attempt to finish this.
So when I first bought this I didn’t think it was anything too special. It claims to clear up spots and blemishes, and at the time I bought this I was suffering from a bit of acne and acne scarring. It is also supposed to clear skin of dead skin cells and even skin tone. I used this a couple of times before it started making me come out in spots, caused really dry flaky skin and was a bit harsh. It went to the back of my draw to sit there with other stuff I was disappointed with.

Now 6 years down the line.. ive been using this now for 1 week, and it is not having the same reaction on my skin how it did previously. No spots so far, and if anything, it is leaving my skin more clearer looking from the first time I used it. Make up goes on a lot easier, and for those who wear make up on most days, this will probably cut down the need of wearing so much as it does make the skin look a lot clearer within days. I’m actually having trouble believing this is the same product that I thought was useless…

The only downside to using this now is that it still has a bit of a drying affect (as its taking off dead skin every time you use it) and for that reason I don’t use this twice a day, but prefer to use as a night-time wash only.

This face wash does not get rid of dirt and make up, a separate cleanser should be used to remove dirt, then this is used straight afterwards. It foams up really well.
It also requires you to use sunscreen in the day time when using this.

So I’ve learnt this week that over six years skin changes quite a bit, and product that were not suitable before may show totally different results down the line.
I like this product so much now that I’ll probably continue using it!
I would recommend trying this in a small size first as it can work out expensive buying the normal bottle and it is one of those product which either doesn’t agree with your skin, or you will love it.