My favourite haircare tips and tricks

Hellooo everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful xmas and a great start to the new year. Wow, I cant believe we are in 2017 i really dont know where the last year has gone!

January is always a good time I feel for a new style, whether that be a new wardrobe or in my case wanting a new hairstyle. This week inthought I would share with you this month little tips and tricks for better hair which i have been using lately. Some of the tips are things that I always used to do, but sometimes when life gets busy my hair is usually the first thing that I start to neglect.

After getting my hair chopped considerably shorter in october im now ready to go back to longer locks. I really miss having long hair; its used to be very low maintenance! Most days I could get away with just leaving it as it is in the morning, something ive found I cant do with shorter hair. So ive decided to back to long waves (this time I wont be straightening as much!) once its gone past shoulder length. What I don’t want to go back to is having limp flat hair with no shine, so ive started doing the following things now so that it grows in a healthy way (im also hoping that using this tips will make it grow faster too, but that might be wishful thinking!

Hair oil

Just a selection of my much loved hair oils

Tip #1 change your shampoo if your current one isnt working well

Shampoo should never leave your scalp or hair greasy or dry. I (for many many years) have used and really like Tigi shampoos but using any shampoo for a considerable amount of time without changing could leave my hair feeling greasy and a bit static after a while. So now and again I really believe in switching shampoos and just trying a new one.  I started  using an Andrew Barton one i had in my bathroom cupboard and my hair now feels back to normal and has a bit more bounce.

Tip #2 change the WAY you wash your hair

I am a firm believer of the double rinse technique. I use a tiny amount of shampoo first to get the dirt/grease out and a second shampoo rinse to actually wash my hair. I feel this works for me for cleaner hair which makes it easier to handle and blowdry. There is a reason why all the top salons use this technique and its because it really does work to make hair feel like its just had a salon treatment!

Tip #3 If you suffer from frizzy or dry / course hair as i do, use extra conditioner

I now use double the amount of conditioner on the tips and length of my hair, and since doing this my hair has been far less frizzy. I don’t know about you guys but my shampoo always seems to finish a lot quicker than my conditioner, and therefore I just started using more conditioner. Since i’ve done this my hair tips are shinier and more manageable. I wouldn’t consider using more at the roots though as i would probably get oily hair.  I’ve also been using a hair reconstructor called aphogee 2 minute reconstructor which works wonders! I read up on effective reconstructors and found this had really good reviews so decided to try it, and so far so good. This conditioner is often used on ethnic hair to tame hair thats thick, frizzy or course.It is made up of Keratin and seems to really work to mend and make hair feel stronger.   I try to leave my conditioner in for a bit longer on occasions (when I can!) but this doesnt always work out with a toddler in the house!

Tip #4 ive always said it and ill say it again – oil oil oil!!

Use oil overnight, or for 1 hr if that’s all you can spare! I use castor oil, coconut oil and amla oil. I have plenty of oils at home for hair, argan oil is another favorite. I also use Loreol Elvive Extraordinary Oil in wet and dry hair as it doesnt leave it greasy and helps greatly with split ends. I just LOVE OIL. I can write a post just on  the benefits of oils and in future I will!  Many old wives tales believe that using castor oil make hair grow not only faster but thicker too. Scientifically this has show to be true, with many women now using it to regrow overplucked eyebrows and make eyebrows thicker! I use organic castor oil as a conditioning overnight treatment. 

Tip #5 last but not least try drying your hair with a tshirt instead of a towel

An oldy but a goody,  a close friend of mine has always done this and says her hair is always smoother when dried with a tshirt or an old cotton pillowcase (any similar fabric will do). It works for me and I will carry on using this method.  I am not sure how true this one is and it is considered a myth so i would be really interested to hear if drying with a Tshirt works for you?  and have you noticed any difference!?

So those are the top 5 ways ive been trying to keep my hair healthy which have worked for me so far. As to making it grow any faster only time will tell but ill sure keep you posted!!

I am always interested to hear of any haircare trick and tips to make hair stronger or grow longer so feel free to share and comment.

See u next time xxxoooxxx ❤️