Summer favourites I ❤


For people who usually stay away from BB creams, I have found the perfect one. I have a few BB creams which I never end up using because I find them too heavy and cakey. I also haven’t found one that gives the right amount of colour for my asian skin tone.

The one that I found that suits my skin is Maybelline dream fresh BB cream. As the name suggests it does leave my face feeling quite fresh as it has a light consistency compared with other BB creams. It sinks in well and blends in with my skin colour, without looking obvious. It’s quite moisterising, I do not need to wear a separate moisteriser underneath which I normally do with BB creams. Another benefit of using this BB cream is that it has a high spf (30), which is a bonus. It means I can wear it with non spf moisterisers or on its own. Overall I have been quite impressed with this one and have been wearing it regularly. This is widely available (bought mine from superdrug) and i think it was around £7-£8.

My favourite moisteriser for the summer (i’m taking a break from my usual Boots time delay as it doesnt have a high SPF) is Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor moisteriser Lotion. I like this one because it sinks in instantly and you don’t have to wait for it to sink in. It moisterises skin extremely well, only a small amount is needed and even dry skins wont need to re-apply. It has a high spf (25) which is my standard minimum for summer months. It smells pleasant although not strong and has a nice looking tube. It comes in 50ml and I would say it lasts ages as i’ve been using mine for the last 3 months and haven’t come to nowhere near the end of the tube. I bought this on sale (it was around £7 in boots, I think normally it is around £11).