Liz Earle Product Review

Liz Earle I first came across Liz Earle as a skincare brand when I found out that my sister uses products in the range. She had been using the moisturiser for a few years and I thought I would give it a try myself. Back then the only place that I could find that sold Liz Earle in my hometown was House of Fraser, but nowadays it is available in John Lewis, QVC shopping and in the Liz Earle store. (also available on to buy on the Liz Earle website).

Over the years I tried most of the products in the range, some I found brilliant and continued to use, others didn’t suit me so much. Here are my thoughts and review for each product.

Cleanse & Polish
The star product of the range, This cream cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which should be rinsed in hot water and used to remove the cleanser. The cleanser removed all traces of dirt and makeup brilliantly, even very stubborn mascara. It has a nice fragrance and smells quite fresh. Once this is rubbed into the skin it emulsifies even more, making dirt and makeup melt off. The muslin cloth that comes with this is off good quality, i’ve had mine for several years and they get softer and softer every time they are washed. I have used other muslin cloths, however they were not half as good as this one. Using the cloth also keeps the skin clear from spots as it also gently exfoliates the skin. Dead skill cells is one of the main causes as spots and acne, therefore the cleanser would suit those wanting clearer and spot free skin. I love this cleanser, and each year it has won awards, which shows how popular it is.

Skin Repair Moisteriser
I’ve done a pros and cons list for this which should sum it up, I’ve used the one for normal skin, and I have used several jars of this over the years.
Pros – nice texture, feels very comforting and smells nice, gets rid of dry patches, skin feels thicker, stronger and firmer. Good ingredients that are natural.

cons – short-lived effects – after using for couple of weeks mY skin got used to the product and I wanted to switch to something else, no spf at all, sometimes too oily and made me come out in spots. Better for dry skin, maybe I should have used the light version.

Daily Eye Repair
One of my fav products in the range, this eye cream really suprised me as I did not think that I would like it as much as I do. It is white in colour and comes in a really good tube with a narrow nozzle. THis is good as it makes it easy to control how much comes out of the tube. You only need a really small amount as it spreads amazingly well and a little goes a long way. Once on, it makes eyes look instantly brighter, this is due to the light reflective particles in the cream. It has a spf of 10, and it is a mineral spf rather than a chemical one. This is great as chemical sunscreens can cause allergies when applied to the eye area, and also, chemical sunscreens are sometimes seen as unsafe and a cause of ageing. It comes in 10ml which is small but fine as a tube will last a couple of months at least.

Eye Bright
use this on cotton wool and apply to eye area for 10-15 mins to refresh tired eyes. It works well, doesnt sting, and I feel that it should be used regularly for any benefit to be gained from this. It lessens the look of dark circles and can be used as a last minute treatment to make eyes look bright and fresh.

Smoothing Line Serum
Another favourite product for me! I use this as a light night moisteriser on some occasions because it works like an overnight mask and good to use the night before a big day to make the whole face look brighter and more radiant. However, it is a night eye cream, I feel that I can’t comment on its effects as an eye serum as I ended up using this on my whole face! I will be using this when I run out of my night cream and will post a review once i’ve used it.

Superskin Concentrate
I used this product and wasnt amazed by it, I think it would be good to use if you have dry skin concerns. It smells nice and is worth a try if you are an oil user, however I found other oils that sank in a lot quicker and where there was a visible difference.

Brightening Treatment Mask and Deep Cleansing Mask
I use both of these and they are good to use before an evening/day out as the effects can be seen instantly. Skin looks clearer and brighter with both of these.