Vitamin E Face Oil

superdrug vitamin e skin oil

A quick Friday night post…. 

Lately I have returned to using my face oils as a night time moisturiser mainly because my face has been feeling a bit dry.  Its probably due to the windy, dry weather we are having here in the UK. Despite being the beginning of spring, it is still snowing in places, it is cold, wet, windy and just a bit miserable.

The face oil that I have been is Superdrug Vitamin E Face oil. I only recommend products on this blog that have delivered results for the purpose I’m using them.  This face oil has taken away any feeling of dryness that I had first thing in the morning. My face feels well moisturised when using this oil. It seems to lessen the look of dark circles (although I’m not sure how long this will last), and skin looks and feels softer.  

This is the first vitamin E product that I have ever used and it has been quite impressive.  After using this, I would like to try other vitamin E products and I have heard that Body Shop do a good range too, as well as Boots.

This oil is 30ml, will probably last a couple of weeks with continuous use and is £2.99 from Superdrug.


Say goodbye to winter skin…..

Botanics Super Balm

Botanics Super Balm

Hey everyone, its me again.. I thought today I would do a post on a product I came across about a year ago and is a bit of a winter skinsaver. 

I love applying Vaseline last thing at night to my face, mainly as I do get dry patches. Now I know very well how unatural it is to do this.. someone once said that it is like putting petrol on my face!!, therefore I wanted something with the same consistency but more natural. I also wanted a product that sunk in quicker and wasn’t as greasy as Vaseline.

Enter.. Boots Botanics Super Balm.   

This product used to be sold as ‘organic’, but someone somewhere discovered that It wasn’t actually 100% natural and therefore it was re-packaged as 93% organic. For me, this is fine as it is quite unreasonable to expect a product that costs under £5 to be 100% organic considering how much it costs to source naturally derived ingredients.

Anyways, onto the review.  This product is raved about and scored very highly on Makeup Alley skincare reviews. I would say after trying it for a year that it’s one that I always have in my draw.  It gets rid of parched dry skin instantaneously and the results can be seen when used as a night cream. I would not use this in the day as it is greasy, so be warned.

It smells very ‘natural’ and contains the following ingredients: shea butter, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil canina seed oil. check out the makeup alley review here:


It costs around £3.99 and is only available from Boots.  The last few times I have tried to buy this it has not been in stock, which shows its popularity!.  Other balms I have used are Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream and Balm Balm organic skin balm. I must say I prefer Botanics to both of these. However it is only an 11ml pot which is tiny, but lasts a while as you only need the tiniest amount. Its also great for carrying around 🙂

Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Prevention Day Cream


Hey everyone, my post today features my favourite day moisturiser, the one that I have been using since it was announced ‘best steal’ day moisturiser in the 21st Beauty Bible in 2006. 

Now I’m not overly loyal when it comes to products, and do believe in switching products, but here is one that Ive yet to deviate from.

Some of the numerous reasons it was voted best moisturiser is because it is full of antioxidants, some of which are only found in quite high end moisturisers. Boots claim that it ‘boosts skin radiance’ which I have found to be true. The best thing about this moisturiser is that it does keep skin exfoliated and radiant probably due to its ingredient retinyl, a form of vitamin A.

It is SPF 15, it was SPF 8 in its original formula, which in my view was a downside however they seemed to have increased the SPF over the years.  The cream itself is not too thick and not too runny. Its a good consistency and sinks in quite quickly on my skin. It has a nice fragrance which reminds me of sweets. Its a fruity/sweet kind of smell almost sherbet.

Despite the cream being an oldie, it is still written about which shows its continuing popularity. The Daily mail newspaper listed it under its article on best affordable skincare, it came in best for sun protection. The sun newspaper also gave it a mention in its article on the 5 ingredients that will change your skin forever.

Its usual price is around £11, and I tend to stock up on this when Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on or when its discounted. As I use the eye cream as well, it works out better to do this.

All in all it is very easy to continue using this moisturiser as it contains the main things required in any good anti-aging cream. A good level of SPF and antioxidants. Its also very affordable which makes repeat purchasing easy. Especially when you go through as many jars as I do!


My luv for Lacura


So, a few years ago, whilst shopping in my local aldi store I discovered a skincare brand called LACURA.  A bit about the brand – the products are made in Germany (and we all know when something is made in Germany, it usually means its a good standard). Lacura do make up and skincare and all are ridiculously cheap!.

So my first Larura product that I ever tried was the Q10 night cream. It comes in a 50ml glass jar. The glass jar is a bit of a negative as the product wll not stay fresh and is not as hygienic as some may like. There are a range of Q10 products, the one I have used comes in the dark blue jar and only costs £1.98!.



I have to say I was blown away by the results of this product, not least because I had not seen results like this even when using very expensive products, ( and I have used all from Elemis (still a favourite), decleor, olay regenerist, alpha H… you get my drift.

My main skincare concern is dark circles and dull skin, therefore the products I use must bring a glow, radiance and make my eye area more vibrant, and this product did all 3!!. My guess is that its the Q10 in the cream that makes it work 

The comments that I received through the day was confirmation for me that this product was a keeper and shall remain in my draw as long as it remains on the aldi shelf. I am a Lacura convert and sincerely hope that they continue with this product.

I have since got on to incorporating other products from the brand into my regime. Reviews the follow.