My favourite skin hair and makeup tips

A few years ago I enrolled on a make-up course where I picked up the following tips:

Smooth makeup always starts with soft skin. Keep skin makeup ready by using a cleanser and muslin cloth instead of a face wash. This method of cleansing keeps skin exfoliated everyday as the muslin cloths clears deadskin, and cream cleanser doesnt dry out skin and disrupt the PH level of the skin.

If you have uneven skin tone and want a quick fix without using makeup; or if you are not planning on wearing make up but are popping out of the house and would like to look a bit more awake, use a good CC cream or skin tone perfector cream.

Use a good base/skin perfector when going to parties- or anywhere where you will be snapped! There are loads of products that claim to make skin clearer such as Smashbox Photofinish, Mac Spotlight, but my favourite is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It really does work in pictures.

If theres one skin care product to invest in, I think the most important is a good night cream. Secondly go for a good day cream which has an SPF of at least 15, and added anti-oxidants. Boots time delay do some really good ones for the price.

When choosing a concealer, many makeup artists suggest going for one shade lighter than your actual skin colour. I would disagree here and would say you need to get an exact match. No lighter or darker than your skin colour, try to find one that matches completely (well as close as you can get). One way of testing this is to apply to skin and wait a few seconds, once it has sunk in or dried a little it should not be too different to your skin colour. Then it can just be blended in on the edges.

A top makeup artist tip when applying eye liner is to always line the inner rim of the top eye lid. This makes eyes stand out more and makes lashes look thicker also. If you have dark circles or small eyes, do not line the bottom eyelid as this will just make eyes look smaller and make dark circles more noticable.


If you’re like me and use a dryer everytime you wash, invest in a good hairdryer. For me, a good hairdryer is one that is ionic. These keep hair frizz-free and in better condition that normal hairdryers. Also go for one that dries in the fastest time to limit hair damage.

If your hair needs washing and you will be tying it up, apply a bit of oil on the ends. Good ones to use are coconut, argan or almond, But almost any oil applied will stop split ends from forming allowing hair to grow longer quicker, and look healthier. No one would notice you have oil in your hair if its ties up and applied to ends only!.

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