Vitamin E Face Oil

superdrug vitamin e skin oil

A quick Friday night post…. 

Lately I have returned to using my face oils as a night time moisturiser mainly because my face has been feeling a bit dry.  Its probably due to the windy, dry weather we are having here in the UK. Despite being the beginning of spring, it is still snowing in places, it is cold, wet, windy and just a bit miserable.

The face oil that I have been is Superdrug Vitamin E Face oil. I only recommend products on this blog that have delivered results for the purpose I’m using them.  This face oil has taken away any feeling of dryness that I had first thing in the morning. My face feels well moisturised when using this oil. It seems to lessen the look of dark circles (although I’m not sure how long this will last), and skin looks and feels softer.  

This is the first vitamin E product that I have ever used and it has been quite impressive.  After using this, I would like to try other vitamin E products and I have heard that Body Shop do a good range too, as well as Boots.

This oil is 30ml, will probably last a couple of weeks with continuous use and is £2.99 from Superdrug.