my HD BROW treatment..


HD Brows have been around for a while, for those of you new to HD brows, this is what the treatment consists of… HD brows in a multiple step process of brow shaping and defining that is done by threading, tinting, plucking and waxing, in order to create the most ideal shaped brows to compliment ones face.


I had my first treatment today at a local skin clinic.  I found my local HD brow specialist by firstly checking the HD BROWS website.

So before my appointment, I was required to do a skin patch test to ensure that I was not allergic to the dye that will be used.  This was an over the counter test for which an appointment was nor required.

On the actual day of the treatment,  I was a bit anxious about the dye being too dark and the possibility of walking out looking as if I had a Caterpillar sitting on my eyebrows… however as my treatment began I felt more at ease.  My therapist briefly talked me through the process and began by dying my brows.  The dye does actually tint the skin too, ensuring that any gaps in the eyebrows appear ‘filled’.

The dye was on for 10 minutes, and once removed my brows were waxed from above and below, with any stray hairs plucked. 

All in all, the waxing took the longest amount of time (around 20 minutes), and the application was very precise. 

At the end of the treatment, I was quite happy with the result, but do decide for yourself by checking out my before and after pics (the pics on the left are the HD brows, the one on the right is my ‘before’ pic..  I liked the fact that my brows looked darker, more defined  and arched.  My brows now framed my face better than they used to, and gave my overall eye area more definition.  Overall, I would recommend the treatment if you are concerned with the shape of your eye brows, and like me,  cant seem to change the shape on your own by growing, filling etc..

The HD Brow treatment cost £25, but this is not a standard price, and prices for HD brows do tend to vary, many salons who are just starting out in HD brows will also offer introductory offers.